Steinberg Cubase 11 Pro - Genuine License / Serial - Digital Delivery - PC & Mac
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Steinberg Cubase 11 Pro - Genuine License / Serial - Digital Delivery - PC & Mac ($475.00)

Located in Asheville, North Carolina (288**)

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Steinberg Cubase 11 Pro - Genuine Licensed / Serial - Digital Delivery - PC & Mac.

If you’re like me, you’re looking to save $50 wherever you can without losing a single ounce of value. So here’s a rare opportunity that’ll save you $50-$100 on a core studio DAW package (and still get a bonus on top of it).

So I bought this for my studio in December (2020) as an end-all transition away from the DAW I’ve been using for 15 years. But I never made the switch and the core feature I was looking for in my DAW was finally added in January. So, now I’m selling this which was literally used only for tutorials and never in a live session (not that it matters in software, but I know how it is to buy these sorts of things).

That said, this is all 100% official and the best I could buy from Sweetwater. It’s not a trial, it’s not an upgrade, it’s not an educational copy and yes, it was officially registered at Steinberg and is now officially unregistered via Steinberg for official / legal resell to you.

I do also have an eLicenser I bought for it, but I’m less inclined to sell it with this if I don’t have to as I may need it for future Steinberg VST licenses, I’m not certain. If you need it, let me know and I’ll sell/ship it to you at cost. Otherwise, if you already have a licenser, I will just delete the license on my end and keep the usb stick. I’m game for whatever there.

No surprises here. I wanted the best and latest, paid for the best and latest, got it and never ended up using it. Here’s the write up from where I got it:

Bonus: I’ll also throw in a pro tutorial video series I paid for from Groove3. It only covers Cubase 10, but it’s a great series that was intended to help me get up to speed on Cubase (it’s about 10 hours of video walkthroughs on best practices from Sound Design and Filmscore to File Management inside of Cubase).

As soon as your cash comes into my PayPal account (or whatever... I haven’t used eBay in a while), I will hand over the license. I haven’t made a license transfer happen before, so I don’t know how fast that happens, but I assure you, it will be faster than my experience buying it from Sweetwater. lol I will do my best to get it into your hands so that you can get to business on your end.

In case you’re wondering about the category, in accordance with eBay’s rules, I’ve listed this in this odd category (for digital software downloads). This makes sure that it’s not forcing you to pay delivery fees, etc.. I wanted to list it in Professional Studio/Music Software, etc., but they might take it down since there is no packaging or shipped items. You pay, I message you my authentic, unregistered, purchased license/SN that is ready for your official Steinberg registration. This s is too complicated as it is. Let’s make this easy.

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