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Olight MCC Charger Upgraded Smart Magnetic Charging Cable

$9.99, located in Lorton, Virginia, USA (220**), item #166007990896

MCC 1A: The MCC 1A & NEW MCC 1A are compatible with Arkfeld, Arkfeld UV, Obulb Pro, Obulb MC, Obulb, Javelot Mini, Javelot Tac, S1R Baton, S1R Baton II, S2R Baton, S2R Baton II, Baton 3, Baton Pro, Seeker 2, Seeker 2 Pro, Warrior X, Array, Perun Mini, Perun 2 Mini, PL-Pro, Sigurd, Baldr Pro R, S30R III, S30R II, H1R, H2R, M2R.

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