Motorcycle Helment
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Motorcycle Helment ($400.00)

Located in Port Saint Lucie, Florida (349**)

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This is a novelty Motorcycle Helment made by Howling Helments. I purchesed this from Howling Helments at the Bike Rally in Sturgis South Dakota. I have only worn it about 6 times, I would only bring it out on special occasions. The helment has an alligator head, billy goat horns and a fox hide on the back. The hide is BEAUTIFUL, it goes all the way down to the foxes tail and includes the feet. The size is a medium, but being a novelty helmet you can take some padding out if you wear a bigger size.

I have worn this helmet on the highway going 70mph, it has an adjustable chin strap. If you like attention this helmet is a head turner, I wore it during Bike Week in Daytona and the women Love it, they just want to touch it. It's a great way to start a conversation. I call it my Horny Gator, HA!Ha!HA!

The price Im asking is the price I paid for it, go on the Howling Helment website if you want to verify the pice. Good Luck and Thanks for looking.

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