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Mermaze Mermaidz Winter Waves Gwen Mermaid Fashion Doll

$14.99, located in Multiple locations, USA, item #185919885761

•GLITTER-FILLED TAIL: Each Mermaze Mermaidz Winter Waves doll has a mesmerizing glitter-filled tail and her own uniquely-shaped glitter inside. Gwen has silver 4 point star-shaped glitter! Flip her up and down a few times to see the glitter swirl around! •COLOR CHANGE FIN: Gwen has a unique, sculpted fin that performs a magical color change when submerged in ice cold water. Her fin changes from a glossy metallic silver to ombre purple and pink! •MERMAZING WINTER-INSPIRED FASHIONS & ACCESSORIES: Gwen is wearing an iridescent off-the-shoulder top with white faux fur trim and mesh sleeves. Her accessories include chandelier earrings, a layered crystal necklace, glasses and fuzzy purse with pearl strap.

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