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Men Slimming Body Shaper Vest CGTFY Gynecomastia Compress Tank Top Athletic Vest

$12.34, located in South Holland, Illinois, USA (604**), item #404089570663

Product Description Gynecomastia Compress Tank Top --- This mens compression tank top is designed to reshape the male chest, waist, and tummy, reduce the appearance of gynecomastia, hide man boobs and beer belly, straighten the back, provide an immediate slimming look. Instant Flat Abdomen Effect --- This men's slimming compress sweatshirt specific a strong abdomen function, giving you an instant abdomen effect, while the chest also has a compressing effect, hiding the man's chest("man boobs"), creating a perfect body shape curve for you.This product is very suitable to solving the problem of beer belly and hiding men's chest. Premium Fabric --- Our Compress Tank Top is durable, lasting elasticity, quick-drying, comfortable, breathable, and anti-allergy; double-layer fabric on the abdomen,.

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