Kroger 4000 Fuel Points Expiring 6/30/2021
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Kroger 4000 Fuel Points Expiring 6/30/2021 ($52.00)

Located in Plano, Texas (750**)

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4,000 fuel points, redeem till Jun 30, 2021.

This is not a gift card

By redeeming 1000 points per fill-up, you will get $1 off per gallon, up to 35 gallons per fill-up. Please note some local jurisdictions limit up to 25 gallons per fill-up. If that is the case, it's your local city's regulation instead of Kroger points issue.

You will ONLY receive an Alt-ID number linked to the Kroger Plus Card which can be entered at the pump for immediate use (not a physical card).  The Alternate ID number will be sent via Ebay message within 8 hours of payment, and normally it will be delivered within minutes during daytime.  You can use fuel points immediately once the alternate ID number is received. 

This is a great value and a great way to save money, but unless you understand how this works, please do not buy the fuel points!

The points may be redeemed at any Kroger-owned grocery store (Kroger, Smith's, Fry's, King Sooper's, QFC, Fred Meyer, Dillon's, Ralph's, City Market etc.) which has an attached gas station and participates in the fuel points program. To find a location near you where the points may be redeemed, please visit the Kroger website or the frys food website.

Recently, some of the buyers have found that the points in rare instances don't work at some gas stations due to Kroger gas station system glitch.  If you don't see the $1/gal off option once you enter the alt-ID, please cancel the transaction or only fuel the minimum amount per your need, so you don't pay full price for a full tank of gas.   When you get a chance, please contact us to check the balance of the account.  If there are points still available in the account, please try to use the points at another time.

As sellers, we reserve the right not to sell the fuel points to certain buyers.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  Thank you.

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