Insider Traffic Tutorial Videos on CD
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Insider Traffic Tutorial Videos on CD ($10.00)

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"Jeremy Gislason's Insider Traffic Series"

Learn how to get better rankings in Google, Yahoo and other search engines - How press releases can help your page rank and traffic count.

Our 'secret' social network marketing tricks we've been doing this year to pull in more traffic and the powerful 'spy' & research tools we use...


# Insider Traffic Video Series 1 - Download File Size: 39.2MB
Examples of actual keyword phrases that generate top 10 Google and Yahoo rankings consistently. You'll see the sites that are ranking for these and you likely be very surprised!

# Insider Traffic Video Series 2 - Download File Size: 59MB
Discover some of Jeremy's favorite 'secret' spy and research tools he uses to gain higher rankings in the search engines. (You'll be shocked at how simple this is and how you can use these too).

# Insider Traffic Video Series 3 - Download File Size: 27.4MB
How to get your Press Releases read by thousands of people - Our generated over 500,000 Page Impressions. Find out the services we use to submit our press releases and why you should be using them for traffic generation even if you are just selling a simple ebooks.

# Insider Traffic Video Series 4 - Download File Size: 20.7MB
How we got almost 6,000 people to read ‘Reformatted’ articles within just 4 Weeks. You'll discover a 'secret' spot that is right under your nose (if you know where to look) where you can re-use your content to get more traffic.

# Insider Traffic Video Series 5 - Download File Size: 25.4MB
How we generated 30,000+ targeted views to our articles within months and importantly how you can too! - You'll see the exact article directories we submit to on a regular basis - Plus tips on submitting your articles for the best search engine optimization.

# Insider Traffic Video Series 6 - Download File Size: 39.1MB
Social Network Marketing ideas to help you get more traffic! You get 'Full Disclosure' about the sites we've experimented with and our actual results - Plus+ how to get your affiliates using social network sites for you.

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