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INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Excelsior College Nursing Exam CLEP DSST Study Guides ($5.00)

Located in Red Wing, Minnesota (550**)

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Study  Guides for Excelsior College, DSST and CLEP Exams

  available via  instant Digital Download

Each of my guides include  notes organized to the content outline, study tips, supplements (flash  cards, web links, mnemonics, slide shows) and multiple practice Exams.   My guides are updated each Fall when Excelsior College updates their  content outlines.

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Bundle 1 Nursing Study  Guide Bundle all 8 nursing theory study guides.:

Essentials of  Nursing  1 & 2, Foundations in Nursing, Lifespan 1-3              Reproductive Health , Transition to RN Role



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Bundle Microbiology and  Anatomy & Physiology  Study guides
Use to pass  BIOx 220, BIOx 210x, BIOx 104 & 106 Excelsior College, Uxcel and CLEP  Exams



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NURX104 Essentials of  Nursing Care 1: Health Safety



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NURX 105 Essentials of  Nursing Care 2: Health Differences


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NURX 109 Foundations in Nursing


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NURX 209 Reproductive Health


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NURX 211 Differences  Across the Lifespan 1:


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NURX 212 Differences  Across the Lifespan 2


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NURX 213 Differences  Across the Lifespan 3


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NURX 214 Transition to  the Registered Professional Nurse Role


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BIOX 104, 106 & 210 Anatomy &  Physiology, Anatomy & Physiolgy 1 & 2 
Use for both Exams through Excelsior College and Uxcel

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BIOX 220 Microbiology Use to Pass Excelior College or TESC
Introduction to Microbiology Exam


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BIOX 410 Pathophysiology
use to pass Excelsior College's upper level Pathophysiology Exam
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PSYX 210 Lifespan  Development Psychology
use to pass CLEP, DSST or Excelsior College Lifespan Psychology or Lifespan Development Exams

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PHIX 310 Ethics Theory  and Practice - also can be used to study for DSST Ethics in America  Exam 10.00 Add to Cart
CPNE Clinical Practice in Nursing  Exam -
All you need to pass Excelsior College Clincal Practice in Nursing  Exam with built in  video audio flashcards +
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I am a 2005 Excelsior College ASN honor graduate and a Registered Nurse.  I graduated from Thomas Edison State College's BSN program with honors  in July 2008 and in 2010 with my MSN and certification in nursing education.  I work  as a nurse educator in a local RN to BSN program.   I am also a member of Sigma Theta Tau the international honor society  for nursing, The NLN and the ANA. 

I passed The EXCELSIOR Nursing exams   with straight A's in less than 4 months  - I  passed  CPNE  with no repeats.    and passed NCLEX-RN  with only 75  questions.  I can't  guarantee you will have the same results, but the guides I created contain the  resources I created and used to study for and pass the exams  on the first try.  

Unlike other sellers and study groups- who ONLY CLAIM to be RN's and  Excelsior Grads - I really am a Registered Nurse, an Excelsior  graduate and certified in nursing education!! You can verify my credentials. Buy  with confidence!  Lisa Arends MSN, RN, CNE

*larends and RN Study Spot Digital Downloads have no relationship  with Excelsior College CLEP or DSST


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