Head Start lottery numbers Pick 5/59 balls-2 Balls Guaranteed! UK Lotto Hotpicks
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Head Start lottery numbers Pick 5/59 balls-2 Balls Guaranteed! UK Lotto Hotpicks ($19.99)

Located in Deltona (327**)

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Head Start Lottery -ebay
This is a set of lottery numbers that guarantees you hit at least two balls!  Works with pick 5 of 59 balls lotteries.


Playing these exclusive lottery numbers, you are GUARANTEED:

  • First TWO BALLS drawn will be TOGETHER on at least one ticket!
  • - no matter what balls are drawn, you'll have a ticket with the first two!

  • Every other two-ball combination of the 5 balls will be together on a ticket!

What is included:
  • Your unique list of 194 lines (tickets to play)
    - sent via Email (& USPS within USA)

  • Bonus Master list - lists every possible first two balls & which ticket(s) has them
    - sent via Email

With our exclusive Head Start Lottery number system, you are absolutely GUARANTEED to have the first two balls drawn on one of your tickets! It doesn't matter which numbers are drawn. You will know FOR CERTAIN that both of the first two balls drawn will be together on at least one ticket.
But it gets better. Not only are you guaranteed the first two balls, but also the last two balls, middle two, and every other two-ball combination! In fact, you will have each of the 10 two-ball combinations together on your tickets! That means you can easily have 10 tickets hitting at least two numbers, or fewer tickets if you do well and hit more than two numbers on a a ticket.  (See example below)

Here's an example of how our numbers work:

Let's pretend a pick 5 lottery has just drawn it's first two balls. They are 12 & 34.

Guess what? If you played our numbers, you have both 12 & 34 on at least one of your tickets! It's guaranteed. No matter what those two balls were, you would have them together on a ticket. You've just skipped ahead to the third ball without breaking a sweat! Now you won't need luck on all five balls - only three!

The last three main balls come out: 5, 22, 11. So the final five-ball drawing is sorted as:


Now this is where it gets even better.  Because your tickets cover every combination of two balls, you are now guaranteed to have 5-11, 5-12, 5-22, 5-34, 11-12, 11-22, 11-34, 12-22, 12-34, and 22-34!  Each of those would be on at least one of your tickets.

 5-11  5-12  5-22  5-34 11-12
11-22 11-34 12-22 12-34 22-34

Those five balls drawn can be ANY balls and the same holds true. Can you see the potential of our numbers?
This free sample is for a pick 5 out of 20 numbers lottery, NOT this current eBay listing:
Free Sample
These sample tickets cover every possible combination of two numbers between 1 and 20, so no matter what the first two numbers drawn are, you would have a ticket with them both together. To prove this, we also provide you a pdf master list of every possible two-number combination and which ticket (or tickets) has those two covered:
Master List Pg1
Master List Pg2
You can see every possible two-number combination there for our sample. To the right of each combination is which ticket or tickets has those two numbers. As you can see, our numbers cover them all.

Lotteries this listing works with:

  UK Lotto Hotpicks (Pick 5) *
  Lotteries with 5 balls picked from a pool of balls 1-59 (separate bonus ball ok too)
   Does not work with lotteries that can draw multiples of the same number
   Does not work with lotteries that differentiate the order of the balls drawn

* Lotteries sometimes change their rules so please verify your lottery is 59 balls, pick 5

How to use these numbers:

To be guaranteed the first two balls you must play all 194 tickets. You may also play just a portion of them, and still have a diverse, efficient number arrangement. Our numbers work with the main balls drawn, so you may pick any numbers you like for any extra balls (like a Powerball or a Megaball).

How your numbers will be unique:

It's our promise to you that we will never sell the same number set to another customer here, on our site, or anywhere else. You are the sole recipient of your unique lottery number list! Also, be careful of numbers published on the internet. If lots of people are playing the same numbers as you, that jackpot you've been going for will likely be split among them all.

What is the bonus "Master list"?
It's our way of proving to you that our numbers really do guarantee you the first two balls drawn. It lists all 1711 possible combinations of the first two balls, and beside each it lists which of your tickets has those two balls covered.

How is Head Start Lottery different from other lottery systems?

Down  This is not a system using only a few favorite numbers. We use ALL numbers.
Down  We do not consider a number's history. We treat all balls as equal chance.
Up 100% real! We guarantee it when we say we will get you the first two balls drawn!

Questions? Need a head start on a different lottery?

Please see our other auctions or contact us. We can do most lotteries that have all balls in one pool.

Good luck!!!
Head Start Lottery

USA  - lottery numbers will be sent via email & sent to your mailing address

All other destinations  - lottery numbers sent via email only
(1) By purchasing, you agree that we do not guarantee any winnings & are not responsible for any losses. Please play responsibly.
(2) We are not selling actual tickets. This is a list of numbers only.
(3) Our number sets are for personal use only & not for resale, publication, or wide distribution. All rights reserved.

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