GOLD: CA Placer Nugget (River Mining) 0.050 Gram -12 Mesh NO. CA  Area.
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GOLD: CA Placer Nugget (River Mining) 0.050 Gram -12 Mesh NO. CA Area. ($5.00)

Located in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri (633**)

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 GOLD California. 

The area of the Great 1849 Gold Rush.

We can call them Nuggets/Pickers/Flakes or Fines/Dust/Flour but the bottom line is they are all still Gold and add up and make a Nice addition to your collection which means $$$$. This Nice Size Nugget comes from a Northern California River (considered Placer Mining) in Northern CA Area, where the Great California Gold Rush began. Smaller Size but Meaty Nugget as the weight shows, it comes to a Total Weight of 0.050 Grams (approx. 12 Mesh) and measures right at 1/8" Long. 

 I use a U.S. Dime (Not included in the Purchase) to show the actual size but also use a Digital-Camera to enlarge the Photos to show Shape and Character.

 Listed as 0.05 Grams. Scale shows 0.050 Grams although some New Gold Buyers may complain about 1/100th of a Gram (only a difference of around a Dime in most cases!). These milligrams scales can react to your breath or the vibration of a computer. Scale should be placed on an absolutely level table without vibration and be calibrated in order to derive at the same weight listed.

New Gold Buyers on eBay, this is not as large as the Photos make it look, refer to Weight/Scales and the Photos where I use a Dime & Ruler (Also enlarged a Little) and you will realize it's real size better.

If you are unhappy with your Purchase for ANY reason, please notify me and lets  work it out before either leaves unfavorable Feed backs. Thank You.


Thanks for looking at my items and Good Luck at the Auction




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