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Filterbuy 20x25x4 Pleated Air Filters, Replacement for HVAC AC Furnace (MERV 13)

$52.72, located in Talladega, Alabama, USA (351**), item #392639872634

---The Filterbuy replacement air filter 20x25x4 (actual measurements: 19.38" x 24.38" x 3.63") ensures that your furnace, air conditioner, or HVAC system is circulating clean air to help preserve your budget and healthy lifestyle. ---MERV 13 synthetic media protects homes by trapping 98% of airborne particles. ---Our electrostatically charged design features 12 pleats per foot and lasts 3x longer than fiberglass models by capturing more harmful particles. ---Industrial-grade beverage board frames with dual wire backings outperform standard cardboard compositions by enduring heat up to 200° F and withstanding exposure to moisture. ---All components are manufactured within the United States and designed with recyclable materials.

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