Feng Shui Talisman to Win A Court Case
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Feng Shui Talisman to Win A Court Case ($18.50)

Located in San Marcos, California (920**)

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Featuring the Ksiddhigarbha’s Fireball, this colorful talisman should be kept in the possession by those who are getting into trouble with a lawsuit, or going through legal proceedings at present, or who are in conflict with authorities.Carrying this powerful talisman will bring you favorable outcomes and help to resolve conflicts to everyone’s satisfaction when you are in the face of legal troubles.

The dimension of this feng shui Talisman to Win A Court Case itseft is approx.  2.75" x 1.5" x 0.25" .  The overall size of the talisman keychain is approx. 5.5" in length. The amulet is made of metal.

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