External SEO Traffic Video Seminar on CD
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External SEO Traffic Video Seminar on CD ($12.00)

Located in La Vergne, Tennessee (370**)

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Are You Ready To Start Getting More Traffic To Your Websites Using Simple Offsite Techniques Even A 12 Year Could Manage?

Would you like to increase your rankings in the search engines without being an SEO or HTML genius?

Would you just like to generate loads of NEW traffic to give your business that push to the next level?

Maybe you're just want to build a subscriber list that you can sell things to with your new found traffic.

Whatever your situation, you are going to learn how to get all the traffic you need to your website, without spending $1200 on some bloated hyped up big launch coarse...

There's no doubt that search engines play a major role in the marketing of businesses and websites on the Internet.

If you aren't ranked well in a search engine, you're not going to get any traffic unless you pay an arm and a leg for it.

If you're tired of paying a fortune for web traffic, this website offers something that could very well change your business.

Don't worry, you don't need to be a search engine optimization expert to make this system work for you.

Everything is explained is an easy, step by step fashion so that you can start doing what you need to do quickly; Generate more traffic!

You're also probably aware of...

The Fierce Competition In The Search Engines For Free Traffic...

It goes without saying that the search engine marketing game or search engine optimization is a cut throat business.

There are literally millions of people out there now that are optimizing their websites for the search engines.

That means that it's getting harder and harder to get any kind of substantial rankings for your website.

In many cases, people are hiring professional search engine optimization companies for thousands of dollars a month and still not getting good results.

That would be a pretty hard thing to deal with right?

The fact is, there are so many people that know the old ways of optimizing websites that it's pretty much common knowledge now.

People that didn't know how to check their e-mail a few years ago are now optimizing their web pages for search engines due to the availability of tons of tools and information.

So what are you to do in order to get good search engine rankings for massive traffic?


"Use The New Strategies For SEO That Most People Don't Know "  

As you may know, people are always trying to do things on their website to trick the search engines.

You've probably read reports, articles or courses that tell you all kinds of tricks on your website that will improve your rankings.

These "tricks" usually do nothing more than either get your banned or, at best, work for a very short period of time.

That's why you need to focus your optimization an a whole different place.

I'm talking about search engine optimization that doesn't take place on your own website.

I call this "External SEO" for short.

You probably haven't heard of this because that is a phrase that I coined but it works like crazy.

Best of all it works without getting your site in trouble with the search engines and is totally white hat.

So how do you learn the secrets of External SEO or "off page" search engine optimization?

Simple, use the new video system that we just finished putting together...

The External SEO Video Course!

Increase Your Search Engine Rankings Without Ever Changing Your Website!


bullet What External SEO Is And Why It Works So Well!
bullet The Truth About SE Votes And How To Get Tons Of Them Fast!
bullet The Best Places To Go For A Quick Search Engine Ranking Boost!
bullet What It Takes To Get A High Search Engine Listing & How To Keep It!
bullet The Truth About Back Linking, Cross Linking & Link Trades!

External SEO Is A Complete System...

Search Engine Optimization can be a pretty difficult game to master if you don't know what you're doing.

Can You really optimize your website?

The truth is, it can be easy if you know what you're doing and have some basic External SEO knowledge.

External SEO gives you all of the information you need to quickly start optimizing your website without ever messing with any code!

That means you don't need to mess with HTML or anything like that!

Can I Really Get Easy Step By Step Traffic With External SEO?

Now, I know that you may have this question running around in your head so I wanted to address it right out of the gate...

There's no doubt that anyone can get tons of NEW traffic with the External SEO Video Seminar.

It's so easy that a grade school student could understand it and even if you're a total "newbie", this will be totally within your reach of understanding and application.

Listen, when I said that this is the information right out of my personal playbook during the last few years of successful search engine optimization, I meant it.

And I'm not a "techie" type of person.

I don't know how to make a hit movie, setup software on websites or do any kind of graphic design.  What I do know is how to get things done fast and in a way that makes money.

I am going to force feed you from a fire hose of information to get you up and running fast once you crack open your copy of this video seminar.

What's Included In External SEO?

Here's just some of what you'll be uncovering in this video seminar course...


Intro To External SEO - Here you'll learn all about the External SEO system and how it works for generating increases in search engine rankings and tons of traffic!


Thinking Linking- This section will teach you everything you need to know about linking, which linking strategies work and what you absolutely must not do when it comes to linking to your website!


Social Bookmarking - What you need to know about social bookmarking and how it could change the rankings of your website literally overnight using only a few quick ideas!


Article Linking - What you probably didn't think about when it comes to article marketing and using articles for massive search engine rankings and tons of laser targeted traffic!


Fried Spam - The truth about the "dark side" of External SEO and what could get you in big trouble if you don't follow these important warnings that most people don't know!


Link Hotbeds - Where to go to get tons of links to your website and how to use this resource responsibly for a lifetime of effective links! 

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