Ethereum ETH Miner Download w/ Live Course NVIDIA GPU 1080 1070 TI Tuning Linux
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Ethereum ETH Miner Download w/ Live Course NVIDIA GPU 1080 1070 TI Tuning Linux ($250.00)

Located in Sacramento, California (942**)

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Ethereum Linux Mining Software Download Link along with 1hr of Live course over Zoom/Webex.

If you are getting started mining Ethereum, I will walk you through the setup and tuning of NVIDIA cards on your Linux system, considerations & common pitfalls.   When I got started mining Ethereum, I turned to internet searches which have lots of opinions, in some cases bad/wrong advice.   After spending over 100+ hours tuning my mining rig on Ubuntu Linux, I have optimal setup which supports tuning/over clocking on Ubuntu Linux.  If you are mining with cards off the shelf, I'm sure we increase the hash rate with tuning. If you have tried to overclock on Linux, you already know how difficult 'nvidia-settings' is to get working!

The only fees I pay are pool fees, no developer fees for mining software, no fees to Linux based OS mining subscriptions.   This is pure as it gets.

If you don't have a mining rig and want to avoid costly mistakes or harmful configurations, we can walk you through my rig which runs Ubuntu Linux with NVIDIA drivers along with tooling and automation to run/tweak cards on boot for Linux.

If you have NVIDIA cards purchased, the prerequisite for the auction is to have your Linux system installed and cards identified by "lspci".    We can take it from there.

Availability for 1hr course:  Monday-Friday 3PM-8PM PST.    Saturday & Sunday  1PM-8PM PST.

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