Em Pump, EMF Pump, Ghost Hunting Equipment, Paranormal! WITH RED LED!
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Em Pump, EMF Pump, Ghost Hunting Equipment, Paranormal! WITH RED LED! ($19.99)

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio (452**)

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This one has a RED LED.

It  comes built into a 4 x 3 x 1.5 black project box,  it's not a Radio Shack box, we think it's the perfect size for a pump,This one again comes with a RED LED, it's makes it easier to see with video cams and their infrared night vision options.

I'm the longest selling pump builder on ebay, I buy only quality parts and I've tested and reviewed pumps for over 10 years now, I make the best because of all of this, the others on here that sell do not buy the best parts because they can't afford to, they buy cheap parts to sell as many pumps as they can in a short time, just check how long other sellers have been around, they try to copy what I sell but still they don't waste the time and money to buy the best parts, it's not worth their time.

I also don't waste time placing silly labels on your pumps with my groups name or my name, print out labels and put your own group or name on them.  

 This is for 1 EM PUMP, I will try to make this as short and simple as I can, We've been investigating and building equipment for over 35 years, I build and sell the best Pumps around, I have basic ones that are cheaper, but work as well as any, I sell to many Mediums that swear by the use of my Pumps in their work, so I don't need a long ad here to explain this and that about Pumps, Mine are the best from testing every other Pump I've ever seen and purchased, I got the best from them all and incorporated it all into mine, I also always offer full email tech support, not only on my Pumps, but any question, you ever have about investigating or what is the best equipment to purchase so you don't waste your money, I've tested it all.

Just a note on shipping, if you choose Priority shipping, for 1 small box, the Post Office raised it to $6.45 and ebay charges 10% so 65 more cents, so if you choose priority I must charge $7.25 and then i'm barely making 20 cents to ship it and print a label, but if you need it, 1-3 priority mail, I will do it, for faster shipping, the cost is even greater. I will beat any other Price for a similar EM Pump that you find sold here on ebay, some people around the net, buy my products then take my technology and build their own, but I make the best, i buy only the Best Quality Parts, others don't invest in bulk, so they can only afford to buy cheap parts, that's why even if my design is copied, mine remains a much better product., these are also 10x better than any pumps made without the Motor/Magnet Combination, use of Motor/Magnets is by far the Better Pump. So just look for the Rspen name as the seller on my pumps and you will then know they are mine and quality, any other similar ones are copies of mine, This is for 1 Em Pump with free shipping,

Em Pumps are used to emit EMF's or an electromagnetic field, that supposedly gives Ghosts or Spirits the energy to do things, like talk, so you can get better EVP's, or appear for Video or Cameras and other things, it takes 2 AAA or 2 AA batteries, I use both types of battery boxes to hold them, and choose at random, many pumps sold on the net take up to 4 batteries, which does not give it more power, but just wastes batteries, we also do not place labels on our pumps, you can place whatever if any types of labels on them yourself of your own group, we buy the best American Made parts and no cheap ones, we buy in bulk to be able to sell at the lowest price and we have the most experience, as we've been investigating over 35 years, we use our pumps our group and we firmly believe they work, based on the excellent evidence we get at most of our investigations.
the rest of the parts are all american made, this box is made nearly identical to all other Pumps sold on the internet, we just make sure we use the better american made parts instead of chinese parts, and we buy in bulk, therefore, allowing us to sell cheaper than anyone else, all pumps generally emit at about the same range, but from thorough testing, whether 2, 4, 6 or more inches in range, I have concluded, does not affect it's use or function,. If you wish to have a Chrome Toggle switch added instead of the small black switch located on the Battery box and also a Tripod mount to be able to attach the pump to any tripod, You can find my other Pump listed here for a few dollars more with those extra options on them or message me, any questions, message also, all are welcome, For info on what an EM Pump does, in simple basic terms, they all put out EMF's Electro Magnetic Field, it's basically a form of energy that Spirits/Ghosts can use to do things, as we've found, like they use the energy to appear so you can get photos, video or detect on equipment of get Audio EVP's and other things, we've found at most locatons, they can use various forms of energy to do these things, not all seem to be able to do so, but we believe our Pumps work at most locations. All Pumps seem to work according to the many Mediums and others that buy our Pumps, we've sold now over 1,000 pumps and counting, we've sold more than anyone else, because we make the best from the best quality parts, and they do work, to put out energy, we make a couple of Super Pumps that output 20x more energy than these pumps, some believe the lower output pumps work better, then others believe the higher output works, from what all our customers tell us, they all work to a certain degree, so dont' let copies of our excellent pumps fool you, get our tech support and email support to go with our quality.

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