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Adhesive - Petronio’s - Master - Spot Remover & Dry Cleaner

$39.99, located in Oakland, California, USA (946**), item #225776534544

Master Spot Remover and Cleaner is a blend specially formulated to clean and remove spots or stains including grease, tar, gum, oil, tape, wax, oily foods, lipstick, crayon, and dirt from such materials as leather, cloth and suede. Works well on oil soluble stains. As with any spot remover or cleaner, it may remove color on certain fabrics or leathers. TEST MASTER SPOT REMOVER and CLEANER on material before using. Size: 1 Quart Directions: 1. ALWAYS TEST ON MATERIAL FIRST BEFORE USE to make sure it does not remove color or finish. 2. Moisten a clean dry cloth with Master Spot Remover and Cleaner. 3. Rub the material until stain is removed. 4. For best results, rub in a widening circular motion to avoid leaving a ring. Will dry naturally. A23.8/13

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