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32 Blade Feeler Gauge Metric & SAE Dual Reading Combination Gap Thicknes Measure

$6.65, located in Whittier, California, USA (906**), item #292698803616

Durable for use: Constructed from hardened tempered steel with a lube oil coating to prevent pitting and corrosion. Choose Between (1) 32 blade Set, or (2) 32 blade Sets above. Blade sizes include.0015/0.04mm. 002/0.05mm. 0025/0.06mm. 0028/0.07mm. 003/0.08mm. 0035/0.09mm. 004/0.10mm. 005/0.13mm. 006/0.15mm. 007/0.18mm. 008/0.20mm. 009/0.23mm. 010/0.25mm. 011/0.28mm. 012/0.30mm. 013/0.33mm. 014/0.35mm. 015/0.38mm. 016/0.40mm. 018/0.45mm. 020/0.50mm. 022/0.55mm. 024/0.60mm. 025/0.63mm. 026/0.65mm. 028/0.70mm. 030/0.75mm. 032/0.80mm. 034/0.85mm. 035/0.90mm.

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