3 Pack POLICE Magnum PEPPER Spray 1/2oz OC-17 Safety lock UV Dye Self Defense
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3 Pack POLICE Magnum PEPPER Spray 1/2oz OC-17 Safety lock UV Dye Self Defense ($10.88)

Located in Naples, Florida (341**)

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3 Pack - 1/2oz Unit with Safety Lock and UV Dye
Personal Protection, that's Convenient & Effective
The number 1 selling brand in the USA today and for a good reason. The true heat and effectiveness inside a can of Police Magnum OC-17 Defense Spray is not only so effective it is truly and actually used by several law enforcement agencies. The competitive pricing of Police Magnum OC-17 Pepper Spray combined have driven this brand to for front of the self defense spray industry. You can buy more expensive brands but dollar for dollar you will not find better value with the effectiveness of Police Magnum OC-17. Do yourself and your pocket book a favor and buy Police Magnum OC-17 today to protect yourself and your loved one.

Crime is always on the rise, be PRO-active and protect yourself and your loved ones before something really bad happens. For Police Magnum OC-17 to be fully effective, you must engulf the assailant's face, specially the eyes, nose and mouth. One hand operation. Police Magnum OC-17 generally has a range up to 12 feet. Wind and other conditions may alter the range or effectiveness. Avoid spraying into the wind if possible. Shield your eyes and face if you must fire into the wind. Causes no permanent injuries. Non-toxic & Non-flammable. The wonderful thing about Police Magnum OC-17 sprays is that it is affordable for everyone to purchase, it is easy to carry, but not cumbersome. It is highly effective and unlike a gun, nobody can get seriously hurt, children included.

The pepper spray also includes an invisible UV dye, which can be used by law enforcement to verify the assailant days after use, even if they have attempted to wash it off.

Rapist, Muggers, Car Jackers, Animals and People that do no understand no means no. The devastating effects of the spray will stop even the most pain insensitive subjects like drug addicts, psychotics and those under the influence of alcohol. Instantly repels any would be attacker.

  • Made in the USA
  • Expiration Date: Late 2024

    This listing is for " 3 " new 1/2oz units of Police Magnum OC-17 pepper spray

    eBay Buyer Footnote:
    In order to offer these at such low prices, we buy direct from the manufacturer in bulk, which means without retail store packaging. We wrap them up good with lots of bubble wrap to ensure they arrive safely and ready to use.

    Pepper Spray is Legal in all 50 states, however a number of cities and states have restrictions on sizes, strengths, etc.. If unsure about your area, please check with your local law enforcement.

  • Length: 3 1/4"
  • Diameter: 7/8"
  • Spray: 1/2 oz

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