⭐🥇81 Ceramic CPU's, Very High Yield Gold Recovery, (2lb 12oz) FREE SHIPPING!
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⭐🥇81 Ceramic CPU's, Very High Yield Gold Recovery, (2lb 12oz) FREE SHIPPING! ($700.00)

Located in Spokane, Washington (992**)

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This HUGE collection of vintage ceramic CPU's comprised of:

75 - i386 Ceramic CPU's

3 - i486 Ceramic CPU

3 - AMD Ceramic CPU

These vintage ceramic CPU's are perfect for gold recovery, Very high gold content!

My prices are firm, I do not accept "or best offer". eBay randomly changes my listings to include "or best offer". Do not get mad when I decline your offer.


No Returns, No Refunds, All Sales Final.

Identifying pre-shipment photos will be taken that include pictures of the packaged items, scale weight, and sealed box scale weight. The shipping box will be marked with personal identifiable markings and security seals on all sides that open.

The package will be delivered in person to the post office to be scanned and weighed with a receipt given.

The package will come with equal amount of insurance.

The package WILL REQUIRE a signature for delivery.

Please inspect the package for any damage before accepting delivery. If the package is open, or damaged, you have every right to refuse delivery.

All of these precautions are taken by me to protect myself from dishonest people.

All of the evidence photos and receipts will be held for a period of no less than 90 days and will be used for any fraudulent claims filled with eBay.

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