TREASURE - 1st ALBUM [ TREASURE EFFECT] Official Photocards + ktown4u(US SELLER)
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TREASURE - 1st ALBUM [ TREASURE EFFECT] Official Photocards + ktown4u(US SELLER) ($4.20)

Located in De Pere, Wisconsin (541**)

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Welcome to Sama Sayang LLC!
Welcome to Sama Sayang LLC!
TREASURE - 1st ALBUM [ TREASURE EFFECT] Official Photocards + ktown4u(US SELLER)
We understand collectors and fans (in fact, we are ones!) and take extra care of these cards.
Official photocards - If enough interest we may purchase more.
Great condition - PCs placed in sleeve & shipped in toploader *
US Based seller & Shipping + TRACKING
*These photocards were stacked on each other inside the album, while in great condition some pcs may have small lines / indents from edges of other photocards visible if you rotate the card in the light - this is unavoidable with how the albums were packaged. If that is unsatisfactory please do not purchase. 
Do let us know if you have ANY questions!
Note: If we unintentionally misidentify a member/version, please know we will ship exactly what is pictured
Shipping within the US:
$3 w/ Tracking + $0 additional pcs!
Shipping Internationally*:
eBay Standard International (W/ tracking) - calculated per location  

Note: Some international shipments are greatly being impacted with the current world situation. By buying you accept this extended delivery time and understand that it might take longer than what ebay estimates. Please be patient and understand your package may take much longer than expected.
About Us
Based in the US, Sama Sayang LLC was created for both the collectors and casual fans of kpop! 
We strive to provide pristine condition official photocards (and other items!) to those collecting, and albums at a discount to those who just want the album (or just want a choice in photocard + album combo!). We are always looking to improve and expand our inventory to accommodate. Never hesitate to message us, we will be monitoring and taking in any and all feedback. Thank you so much!
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Return Policy
Please note that we have a no-return policy, however if you need assistance with your order, do not hesitate to reach out.

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