POLICE Stun Gun Metal PINK 1159 550 BV Heavy Duty Rechargeable LED Flashlight
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POLICE Stun Gun Metal PINK 1159 550 BV Heavy Duty Rechargeable LED Flashlight ($15.99)

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POLICE 1159 Pink Stun Gun LED Flashlight - Rechargeable


  • FREE Nylon Holster Case
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  • PROFESSIONAL SELF DEFENSE EQUIPMENT: Extremely powerful stun gun flashlight combination. Engineered to meet the demands of Police, Military and Security Professionals worldwide but also available to civilians. Delivers strongest available power!
  • DURABLE: This stun gun for self defense made with type III aircraft grade aluminum.
  • LED FLASHLIGHT: Is also great for personal protection! When shined in the eyes of an attacker, can have a temporary blinding effect making it easy for you to immobilize them with the stun gun.
  • INTERNAL RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Stun Gun flashlight simply plugs into a standard wall outlet for a complete recharge. No Batteries needed!
  • COMPACT SIZE: 6.5" long
  • BELT CLIP, HOLSTER CASE & WRIST STRAP: Our stun gun for women comes with everyhting needed for easy everyday carrying.



A stun gun as a hand held device that puts out a high voltage shock and stuns the attacker. All a person needs to do is touch the assailant with the stun gun to immobilize them for several minutes. This provides enough time to get away and call for help. Thus, it is easy to see why so many people buy stun gun as a method of protection against possible threats of attack, violence, rape and theft. Stun Gun can effectively disable an attacker of any size or strength, even if they are under influence of drugs or alcohol.

Stun guns work by targeting the nervous system. They send out a high-voltage shock that is large enough to halt the neurological impulses reveling through the body, overwhelming the neuromuscular system, and causing instant disorientation, and loss of consciousness and balance. At the same time, the voltage is not large enough to cause any serious or permanent damage.

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IMPORTANT: You have to be legal age 18 and up to purchase a stun gun.

Package Contents:
  • POLICE Stun Gun 1159 Pink
  • Nylon Holster / Case
  • Charging Cord
  • User Manual
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Purchase of this product is an agreement by the purchaser to hold the seller harmless of all liabilities and damages. The purchaser assumes all responsibility for the use or misuse of this product. Purchaser must check and abide by all local laws governing possession and use of stun guns. You also acknowledge that you have determined their legality before purchasing ans that you are an adult at least 18 years of age and under no legal disability. The stun gun must be used only in a lawful manner for self defense. It is responsibility of the buyer to ascertain and obey all federal state and local laws in regard to the possession and use of the stun guns.

The seller will no be held liable and buyer fully accepts responsibility and releases the seller from any of the following circumstances:

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