New England Patriots @ Los Angeles Rams- 2 tickets- Thu 12/10/20- Sec 525 Row 16
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New England Patriots @ Los Angeles Rams- 2 tickets- Thu 12/10/20- Sec 525 Row 16 ($200.00)

Located in Corona, California (928**)

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Great upper level seats, in the last section against a break (so less traffic in this area on the concourse for concessions and restrooms compared to just about anywhere else in the stadium)! 

Tickets will be forwarded via the Rams web site to your Paypal email address after receipt of payment and release of tickets from the Rams. The ship date is based on when the Rams allow access to the tickets, which varies every season and can be as late as when the pre-season starts in August.  Please save my email so we can stay in contact after your purchase.

This year will also be colored by quarantine and lockdowns.  In the event the team cancels the game, the buyer will receive a full refund.  In the event the team postpones or reschedules the game, the buyer will not receive a full refund (but would if the game is officially cancelled later). There is also a scenario where the game takes places but less than 100% of fans will be permitted into the stadium, which would entail some seats being reassigned or not admitted at all.  If this occurs and the Rams contact me to cancel my seats for this game, I will refund the buyer.  If this occurs and the Rams contact me to re-assign seats, I will notify the buyer of the reassigned location.  Because the likelihood of downgrade is next to 0, there will be no refund in this scenario. 

Please review the conditions of this listing carefully- nearly all of my negative feedback has come from buyers purchasing tickets in an advance sale where I specify the details clearly then demanding the tickets immediately or getting frustrated when it takes some time for them to come. Ticket release is entirely out of my control and teams shake up their approaches frequently.   

Please include email address for ticket forward in your note section when checking out.

I'm a longtime seller with hundreds of positive feedback ratings- no need to worry here. Buy here and save- my price beats current Stubhub and Ticketmaster prices when you factor in their fees.

Let me know if any questions or concerns. I have these same seats to many other Rams games available as well- just let me know.

Thanks for looking!

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