Mandalorian Beskar Steel Ingot, Solid 304 Stainless Steel! Aurebesh Custom Text
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Mandalorian Beskar Steel Ingot, Solid 304 Stainless Steel! Aurebesh Custom Text ($75.00)

Located in Myerstown, Pennsylvania (170**)

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Owl Creek Fabrication

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Custom Beskar Steel Ingots!

Auction is for one Hand Made and finished Beskar Steel Ingot. These are made in house on our CNC equipment and then laser etched for a really accurate look! 

These are made from 3/8" thick 304 Stainless Surgical grade steel! These are not made from Cheap 3D printed plastic or regular steel that will rust after use like some others! These are fully machined billets of 304 Stainless! after machining they are laser engraved on our in house fiber laser. 

Front side shows the imperial stamp and the Back side has the two ovals just like the real movie prop! Damascus pattern etched as well to give a great look!

As seen in the pictures the laser engraving gives the stainless a "Golden Brown" color to the etching. Because these are 3/8" thick stainless they really have a great heavy weight to them making them even more realistic to the real movie prop! We also offer FREE shipping no matter how many your order! THIS IS THE WAY!

Now Custom AUREBESH Etched Lettering is Available on Beskar Bars!
$20 up-charge for up to 10 Letters!

As seen in the Last three pictures we can now custom etch YOUR NAME or custom Text on the Beskar. Pictures show Etching within the Ovals and beside the Imperial Stamp! We can make any text you would like in Galactic AUREBESH font! Pictures show the bar with our logo text "Owl Creek" For Reference only. Yours will be your choice of Lettering up to 10 Characters.

Standard Bars Do NOT come with any text! You must email us first with what you would like the text to say. Please use the Contact Seller button above. We will then send you a quote for the added up-charge.

There are no Returns Accepted on Custom Etched Bars as they will be permanently marked with your Custom Text.

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  •  Made from 304 Surgical Stainless Steel
  •  Size is 2.5" wide x 4.5" long
  •  3/8" Thick!
  •  Weight around 1 lb
  •  CNC Machined and Laser Etched!
  •  Will not rust over time!

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