Liquidating Incredible Estate Find Of Vintage Sports Cards Plus Unopened Packs
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Liquidating Incredible Estate Find Of Vintage Sports Cards Plus Unopened Packs ($34.99)

Located in Allentown, Pennsylvania (181**)

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Take a look below at the list of what you'll receive for the low price of $34.99 in this complete vintage package deal!!
Every 30 day auction sells out! Well over 340 cards per lot! 
With all the bonuses, (over $30 worth) the unopened packs will be FREE!!!!!!!
You will receive:
*Over 230 cards from vintage unopened baseball card packs from over 20 years ago! No packs are newer than 20 years old, and most are 25 years or older!! Only the major manufacturers! Topps, Fleer, Upper Deck, Donruss! With every lot you will receive at least one 1987 Topps baseball pack!  1987 was the best year for rookies! 
***As you scroll down and do the math for everything you'll be receiving,  you'll realize you will be obtaining all these vintage cards in vintage unopened packs for FREE, with the bonuses alone that are listed below valued at more than $30! 

So, at the very least, $30 worth of star cards you'll receive before you even open up ONE single pack of cards!!! My feedback says it all!

**You will also receive along with all the unopened packs:
** 30 various cards from the past 6 decades from all sports (baseball, football, basketball and hockey) that are stars, current stars, minor stars, commons, rookies, prospects, inserts,  and Hall of Famers in a team set bag, good condition, and a combination of 20 cards of hall of famers from 20 years ago, or future Hall of Famers, inserts, current rookies, prospects and bigtime stars currently playing today!! At the VERY least, a $17value depending on the draw!  I always throw in many extras as my feedback will tell you!!!
** One major league baseball team set from over 20 years ago in a protective team set bag!  A $3 or higher value alone, depending on the team and year!!

**Newly added bonus is that you will get at least TWO (2) Topps cards from the 1960s or 1950s in EVERY lot purchased in good condition from sets I'm breaking down, that will either be a rookie, minor star, star, common, or possibly a Hall of Famer worth hundreds of dollars! A 50's or '60s Topps card regardless of who it is, is still a valuable card, and they are FREE!! Even commons from the 50s or 60s book anywhere from $2-$5, and you'll get at least TWO per lot for FREE!

This comes to a total of at least 340 vintage cards in all between the vintage unopened packs, team set, and the 20 extra various cards, and the Topps card from the 60s!! Plus newly added bonuses!

This months newly added bonus is that you'll also be receiving: 
one FREE Mickey Mantle insert card in EVERY lot, 
 Book value on them range from $2-$10, and you'll get one per lot!!!! Again, these cards are randomly chosen, and could be valued at anywhere from $2-$10!

So break it down:

Mickey Mantle card at the very least $2
Two team sets, valued at the very least  $6
20 randomly chosen cards valued at the very least $17
Two 60s cards will book at the very least $5

That comes to the total book value of over $30.00 worth of cards alone, WITHOUT adding in all the packs!!!  So basically, you'll get the 230 baseball cards in unopened packs for FREE!

All this for $34.99, and shipping is absolutely FREE, and by PRIORITY MAIL only! Again, FREE SHIPPING by PRIORITY MAIL regardless of how many lots you buy!

As an added bonus, if you purchase 5 or more lots, you'll get one additional complete lot FREE OF CHARGE on me for my appreciation of your purchase!!! Buying 5 of these lots to get the 6th for FREE is a real bargain for investment!  
Newly added bonus: Buy three lots,  get one FREE randomly selected graded card of a past or current star or, team!
Feel free to check out my Ebay store for other auctions!

Please note: Putting these lots together takes time and patience. If for any reason you find a problem with your order, please email me before leaving feedback.  I enjoy doing this, and I want you to enjoy everything I send as well. Sportscards are to be fun, let's always keep it fun!!! Thanx guys!

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