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Giants / BRAVES Series - THURSDAY - May 23 - 2 ON THE FIELD TICKETS ($100.99)

Located in San Jose, California (95120)

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Before I give my description, I send the tickets BY EMAIL. By GIANTS TICKET RELAY THE DAY THEY SELL.

OK, here goes ...

My seats may be the most famous in all of PAC BELL PARK. 

The seats where Pablo Sandoval made the greatest catch in the history of the park, the BUBBLE GUM catch.

Click on this link and see the actual catch because they happened right in my two seats.

If you clicked on that link, you will see where you will be sitting.

Please read on, there is more ...

I have TWO TICKETS for the THURSDAY DAY GAME against the BRAVES. My seats are in the private Field Box section right next to the Giants dugout. 

See the 3-D Giants Seating App here. My seats are 126, ROW A, not ROW 1, ROW A, on the field.

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Only twenty seats are in this FIELD BOX and have privacy, lots of leg room and a private usher to make sure you are taken care of. Over the past 13 years, I have had hundreds of people sit in my seats and my feedback has been almost perfect. I really try to take care of everyone who wants to sit in my seats.

Please read the comments from other people who have bought them from me and who have already sat there.

Some comments I have gotten personally ...


"My Son LOVES Pablo Sandoval.

I saw your video of Pablo making that catch and decided to buy your tickets for him. When we got to your seats, we could not believe it, we were literally on the field. But it gets even better, my son was calling out Pablo's name before the game and Pablo actually came over and took pictures with my son and even gave him a ball when he got finished warming up. It may have been the greatest day of my son's life. Just wanted you to know what happened to us and send you some pictures too.

Thank you so much, we had an awesome day that we will never forget." - Laurie


"We were talking to the Giants players before the game and the ballman too. It was great to be so close. When the game started a ball rolled right in front of us down the field and the ballman caught it. He could have given it to anybody but he gave it to my son. It was so special. He is now a true Giants fan and I like me, we love the boys and listen to every game on the radio and TV when we can't go to the games in person.

Your seats are amazing." - Tom


" Hi.

"We came early just like you said to do and watched practice. We took wonderful pictures and ate the food you told us to bring in from outside saving us a lot of money. The private box were really cool with the chain and usher plus we had so much room, everybody was really nice around us. I am so glad we bought your tickets and if you every want to sell them to us again please let us know. We will go any time. Have a great day Terry and thank you." - Bret


Again, please read the comments from other ebay people and click on the 2 links showing the catch and the seat location. Again it is hard to find 126, A on the seat location because it is so small but mouse over it until it pops up 126, A and then click on that.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


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